What are the benefits of drumming?

The drum is a sacred technology that has a vibrational impact through sound waves that moves through the air and water that when it touches our bodies (plant, human, elemental bodies) creates cellular transformations. With every beat you relieve stress, reduce anxiety, enhance your immune system, and release blockages of trauma and oppression.  The natural principles embedded in creating the drum circle increases interdependence, collaboration, and a desire to be in harmony with nature. Drumming is not just a thing you do, it is something you BECOME! Learn more about the benefits of drumming here.

Book a Drum Experience TODAY! 

"In my practice with children, adults and elders over the last 30 years, I have witnessed immense results in those who have a drum experience. In just one session participants I have watched youth and adults experience relief from stress, anxiety, body ailments (migraines and pain), and emotional distress. " Afia Walking Tree

Spirit Drumz can tailor a drum experience to me your needs. Some examples of our programs include:

FunDRUMentals! (Newbies & Beginners)

Enjoy basic music concepts, like downbeat, upbeats and syncopation while learning a bit of drum history in the US and Afraka. Basic hand techniques for precision, quality sound, holding and connecting with your drum

Djembe-Dunun Fevah! (Intermediate/Advanced)

Excel in your Djembe playing with body postures (sitting and standing), rhythm placement, precision, introductions, accompaniments, “Solos.” Fine-tune specific hand techniques, rolls, flams and ambidextrous playing. *Course Prerequisite: Course taught at Advanced levels. Newbie and Beginning drummers are welcomed to observe/witness. We will play rhythms from Guinea West Afraka and contemporary Walking Tree riddims. This class is great preparation to drum for dance classes. We will have a blast moving and drumming together getting more into our skins

Drum As Medicine Activation (all levels)

A three-part conjuring that allows for us to find our way through grief, apathy, rage, and isolation.  In a brief 45 minute collective ritual practice, choose to drum, dance, lay, play percussion, chant, witness and create a vibrational force that can shift the collective mind, rise in solidarity on issues that are real in your life.

Youth Programs - school assemblies, classes, and private leadership sessions for all ages/levels

Privates - DrumLife coaching sessions for individual, small groups

Performances - poignant and expressive drumming activation to accompany any event

Ceremonies - transitional rites of passage, purification, weddings, anniversaries - individual and groups

Our drumming programs provide needed life force reinforcements and easily integrate into classrooms, events, retreats, convenings and conferences across the United States due to our Off-Grid Mobile Drum and Permaculture Laboratory.