Rites-Of-Passage Ceremonies and Celebrations

Ceremonies honors the elements and many indigenous wisdom practices that are at the forefront of reconnecting human diversity, kinship, care for the earth, care for the people and rigorous percussion-based chants, songs, invocations, rituals and affirmations that we share.  We have many options from which you may choose individually formatted for each occasion.
  • Individual and group guided ceremonies
  • Land Ceremonies
  • Community-based youth ceremonies
  • Organizational Ceremonies
  • Commitment Ceremonies, Weddings
  • Opening Commemorations
  • Solstices & Moon Ceremonies
  • Transition Gatherings


Ma Ajuba Nana Buruku

Ma Ajuba Nana Buruku

Ma Ajuba – Nana Buruku – Nana Bukuun – Orisha Oke is an ancestor lineage that restores the wonders of love, abundance, truth, emotional freedom and compassion.  Her origins are based in the Ifa Yoruba traditions of West Africa.  Her name, Orisha Oke, expresses her in elemental form as the cavernous rock.  Nana Buruku is one of the names the Ghanaian peoples of Kwao Tafo revered  her as, which literally and symbolically refers to the cave mountain where the shamans have been journeying for pilgrimages for centuries. Nana Bukuun, yet another aspect of this Orisha oracle, embodies the fierce Amazon, childless mother and the spirit Mama of Africa, as well as the guardian of the sanctuary of the drums.

This image of Nana Buruku also endeared as Ma Ajuba (which in Hindi means Mother of Miracles) was channeled through wiccan priestess Jules Stept in 1992 in San Francisco, CA in her temple. The image is a 41H x 34W inches and is a live pastel crayon drawing that has never been sprayed and set. In 2000, Ma Ajuba prompted Jules to find her daughter of the drum.  In 2002, she found Afia Walking Tree at Z Budapest’s Goddess Festival and Ajuba moved to the Underground Drum Sanctuary in Oakland, CA, where Afia grounded the Fruitvale community with drumming.  Ma Ajuba visited priestesses of the Underground Drum Sanctuary Community in dreams and visions and shared with them the necessity for the Ajuba lineage to be restored in present day as a legacy holder, returning the griot/djeli of the drum (West African tradition…one who holds the history of a people as a poet, praise singer, wandering musician, and channels oral tradition).  Two years later on December 19, 2004, Afia was invited to join the ranks as a coronated Queen Mother and High Priestess of the Ajuba lineage. 

Before Nana Buruku came to Afia’s sanctuary, she channeled her image and requests through Jules Stept and other community members associated with her.  Since, 2002, Nana has channeled through Afia Walking and has impressed upon her to co-create more harmonic living spaces for us hummus (humans come from the earth, we return to the earth).  Here is a brief portion of one of her channel sessions.

Mama Leke and Ancestor Oracle Nana Buruku speak through me.  They use me as a portal or as most say, a channel.  Embodying percussion, chants, invocations, and dream-visions; revealing truths where time and space are out of time, Nana weaves memories of a lineage of gatekeepers, truth seers, navigators, messengers, drum amazons, and oracles, the oracles remember to me long lost and forgotten amazon mystics who held drumming, dancing, chanting, ancient medicines, roots, and their sacred shamanic practices during periods of war, enslavement, and genocide.  Heroic lives, ceremonial remnants, dislocated pasts, are re-membered and strands are rewoven through fabrics of a strong lineage, freeing me, freeing us.

Nana Buruku has many names.  She is also known as Ma Ajuba, is old, OLD, OLD ! She predates all other Orishas, is one of the most mysterious, powerful and feared ancients of the Afrakan  Ifa cosmology. Nana came to the Yorubas from the Fon people of neighboring Dahomey, is connected with lakes, swamps and moors.  She is a haunting remnant, a fragmentary memory, from the weird and hoary past, long before the world became somewhat orderly under the benign guidance of “creator beings” like Olodumare and Obatala.  Nana Buruku is not “one of us.” She is not ruled by morals or human values.  She is ELEMENTAL!

Nana is mother of fresh waters, similar to Ochun, however she is worshipped at the head of the river,, waterfall, and in the lagoon. Apart from watery places like swamps and waterfalls, Nana Buruku is strongly connected with the earth itself, especially with loam and mud… in other words: with the mixture of earth and water. In many religions and mythologies loam is the primaeval matter that humankind was modeled from, but it is also the stuff to which we will return. In this sense Nana Buruku is the beginning and the end: she existed long before Olodumare and Orishas, and she will be here after us. In Dahomeyan memory/mythology Nana is her own mother: she needs no creator.

From the Vodunist perspective, all spiritual entities called Vodu (Orisa) emerge or are birthed from Nana Buruku. Nana Buruku is considered a feminine energy representing the primordial substance of the universe.  As the folklore goes, Nana Baruku gave birth to Mawa and Lissa who are the Cosmic Egg and the seed which fertilizes it respectively.  They represent the duality of the universe expressed in all Afrakan traditions. 

In most oral renderings of the story of creation it is this egg that gives rise to everything else.  Before there was day, before there was night, and before there was a Universe. All things lived in harmony in Olorun, The Cosmic Heavens, located in the realm of Ikode Orun. The Giant Egg that sat in the center of Nothingness.  Mawu and Lisa are actually two entities sharing the same “body” space. This one body is said to have “two faces”. One is Mawu which is a feminine energy represented by the Moon. The other is Lisa which is a male energy represented by the Sun. The usual Vodun concept is to not mention one without the other because they embody a total concept which cannot be separated. Mawu-Lisa, wishing to further the processes of the universe, went within Itself and birthed another three more sets of twins that helped to govern the universe.