Private DrumLife Coaching

BEGIN where you are!

Drum into your Life HOLISTIC Earth Rhythms that are both ceremonial and practical, built upon your desired intentions!

Thoughtfully and attentively, through drumming practice:

  • ACTIVATE your voice
  • RISE with the drum as nature medicine and vehicle - nature oracle and allies
  • STRENGTHEN technique
  • DEVELOP precision, timing, speed
  • UNDERSTAND and MAP out rhythms
  • SUPPORT singing and dancing while playing
  • ENHANCE our physical dexterity and spiritual wellness


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The DRUM IS A WOMAN! She helps us build courage in the face of oppression and opens a portal for our inner self to shine, our voices to be empowered, and ignites our WILDNESS!

I utilize earth-based elemental medicines of sage, copal, herbs, water, hands on touch, wings, crystals, journaling, movement, mantras, earth, and whatever spirits you call for.

Private DrumLife Coaching Session Rates

$75 -100/hour(input your preferred price) - BUY NOW - Partial trades are welcome!