What folks say about Afia Walking Tree

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“As a woman of African descent carrying the African drum as a tool for liberation, Afia’s chosen path of leadership is uncommon, complex, and controversial. Afia is at the forefront as a visionary and activist who will lead us in the movement of freeing peoples minds and hearts from the shackles of enslavement and oppression using the drum vibrations as a healing, activating, and liberating force. She brings strong medicines of release, inspiration and creativity to those of us who long to rest in the nurturance of rhythm, song, drum, and movement that is easeful, stress free, fun, and loving.”

Alice Walker: Luminary, activist, writer


“With drum strapped to her body, Afia walks out onto the stage, her hands moving faster than I can calculate, creating syncopated beats and rhythms that pulsates within places unknown to me before that moment. The earth is vibrating underneath us as she moves to the edge of the stage and closer to the audience of over 2,000 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation. Screams, stomps and applause almost drown out her drumming. She quickly engages us with her famous affirming song of “I am Alive, I am Beautiful, I Can Do Anything I Put My Love and Heart Into” while she rhythmically massages this DNA memory of primal vibrations into every bone in our bodies through her drum playing. Everyone in the audience rises with her graceful, confident hand gesture and her call is quickly responded to. Everyone in the room is awakening, becoming more connected to living. Watching Afia in action is powerfully inspirational. One is immediately led to personally experience a sense of freedom, love and joy from her essence, her voice, her affirmative songs, and her fierce passionate drumming.”

—Jules Stept: Luminary coach and advocate


“Afia Walking Tree has dedicated her life and work to the spiritual liberation of African Americans and other oppressed groups in a society intensely divided by ethnicity, color and class. And under Afia Walking Tree’s guidance, the sounds and stories of the continued need for liberation emanate forth—to schools, to civic organizations, to businesses, to parades and community events. But mostly, Afia Walking Tree spreads her message individual by individual: There is much work still to be done before people of all races and backgrounds achieve, together, social justice and freedom.”

—Lonny Shavelson: Photojournalist