Jamaica Womyn’s Healing Retreats

Our Vision & Intentions

To re-awaken within ourselves and to usher into the forefront, Afrakan legacies of the drum, dance, yoga and earth stewardship as integral and vital healing tools to be accessible in all women’s lives. 
Retreats are open to all who identify as WOMYN and/or were assigned female at birth (i.e. cis-gender women, transgender, gender non-conforming folks, etc.) Read more about our Vision & Intentions

"The retreat was special. Schedules were flexible and also just the right amount of things on our plate… excursions were fun and educational" Retreat Participant, 2016 



"My biggest surprise happiness came from two things: the yoga classes and RamaDasa with Queen. Exquisite! I was not expecting that to happen at all. And the friendships we made with Jamaican women!… I loved the intimacy we were able to develop so quickly…. The drum classes were wonderful and I loved spending time in the circle with compost and cauldron."  Retreat Participant, 2016 

"Women movement leaders deserve these kinds of restorative journeys to anchor our passion, our vision and our soul purpose, as well as our desire for intimacy in community of shared intentions." Retreat Participant, 2016 

"I felt held, connected, loved, challenged, and joyful about the retreat overall. I cannot think of a better way to be in Jamaica than with this incredible group of women, and some supportive men too. Loved having a 30 min massage with Kameela, twice....Mmmmm." Retreat Participant, 2016




Emerson Paradise Villas - Discovery Bay, Jamaica 

"Thank you Emerson Paradise for your generosity and being a great home-away-from-home space!" Retreat Participant, 2016


"It was an honor to attend the Maroon Festival in Accompong, a highlight even though the drive was way too long for one day. Loved Dunns River Falls. The rituals for Oshun and Yemaya were a highlight...thank you. Was great to stay extra days and go to ZionItes Farm and Kingston...another two highlights for me. The retreat programming brought our group together beautifully, in so many ways." Retreat Participant, 2016