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Jamaica Retreat Vision and Intentions

Our first seven-day retreat in January 2016 was a power-house of Orisa songs, drumming, ritual and bonding amongst a group of 20 women from diverse backgrounds. We raised enough funds to host all our teachers and gave 4 scholarships. Thanks to our amazing facilitators Queen Hollins, Carolyn Brandy, and Ouida Lewis.

Our Vision

To re-awaken within ourselves and to usher into the forefront, Afrakan legacies of the drum, dance, yoga and earth stewardship as integral and vital healing technologies accessible to all women and girls. We are re-prioritizing these legacies to be centrally available for Women of Color, LGBTQ, and youth communities, for the purpose of re-activating and harnessing our ancestral archives within our DNA which will serve as the grounding heart of our global movements (infrastructure).  As our human DNA shape shifts, we here now, are required to EMBODY ourselves as channels through sacred communication, harmonious reciprocity, compassionate healing rhythms formed through ancient vibrational codes alive in drumming, movement, song, yoga, and meditation.

Our Intentions

To create a Retreat Sanctuary not only in our external environment but also an internal space of sanctuary that will be yours to keep! We invite movement leaders into an intimate experiential and authentic embodiment of drumming, chanting, movement, release, ritual, earth stewardship, transformative dialogues, and contemplative spaces. We are fostering trans-personal healing, self-development, soul remembrance, reconnecting the web of our commonalities, as an immediate plan for ecological regeneration, global awakening, joy and so much more!


Our Offering

Creating a space for us slow down, access places of depth and untapped creative genius within our beings. The sanctuary will also provide a safe, private, relaxing, restorative and receptive space. Surrounded by the potent resilience of nature, simultaneously we are in symbiosis with the Ancient Healing Wisdom of Jamaicia's uncensored Ecology!! We will also experience , like never before, a taste of Jamaican culture, cuisine, ecology and accommodations at the ocean front in Discovery Bay.


Dec 2016 - Jan 2017 Journeys for  Root Healing & Awaken Our Hearts Retreats

Two 7 day journeys

Day 1 - 3: From the Coastal Shores of Montego Bay we will tour into the Rain Forests of Berridale, Port Antonio, the Heart of Maroon country, where Queen Nanny began the very first Maroon Compounds, established in the likeness of  her Afrakan Ghana Lineage.  We will spend 2 days at Living Akashi Eco-Retreat and root into the waters and earth of the Rio Grande and bathe in the deep springs, waterfalls, and caves of Ochun.

Day 3 - 7: Then we will evolve into the coastal bluffs of Discovery Bay, St. Anns Parish on the North coast and experience thunderous crashing waves, tidal pools, natural coves, and stunning oceanic bliss at luxurious Emerson Paradise Villas.  We will delight in gourmet delights of Stush in the Bush Catering in between drumming, dancing, yoga, and meditation walks and daily baths in Yemaya's ocean.


History & Culture of Jamaica