Permaculture: Earth-Body-Spirit Regeneration
 We Vision & Prioritize

Ruby Bridges Garden Club

Ruby Bridges Garden Club

  1. Cultural diversity by creating local community food forests, pollinator gardens and farms that serve "traditionally disenfranchised" families and communities
  2. Solutions based in radical cultural and spiritual Equity and Justice
  3. Slow-shared-open-source sustainable practices
  4. Collaborative leadership with engaged compassionate partners
  5. Economic resiliency cultivated through environmental preservation
  6. Restoration of indigenous art, drums, dance, music to indigenous peoples
  7. Honorable harvest
  8. Dissolving destructive global myths and systems through investing in our most treasured resource; earth, ourselves, and each other!
  9. Earth-purpose-based practices that increases co-housing dwellings that quantifiably improves quality of life
Permaculture Teaches Living While Still Preserving the Stability and Resilience of Natural Systems

IMG_4059According to Regenerative Design Institute, Permaculture is a design science rooted in the observation of natural systems. The principles of permaculture teach us how to design ways of living that have the stability and resiliency of natural systems as the core principles. They show us positive solutions for creating and managing systems for food, medicine, water, shelter, and more. Permaculture is a multi-disciplinary art form, drawing from the physical sciences, architecture, nutrition, the healing arts, traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), and spirituality. The ethical underpinnings that guide permaculture are simple yet powerful: take care of earth, take care of the people, and share the surplus.

Drum HUB - Covington, Georgia 

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