Raise Yuh Voice! UPRISING

Raise Yuh Voice: In Solidarity for a Violence Free World is a project of Spirit Drumz, founded and directed by Afia Walking Tree, since 1990. Raise Yuh Voice bridges the gap from silence to empowerment for the outrageous number of women and girls whose voices are silenced. With violence against women/girls/trans figures in the Caribbean surging, and little attention on our emotional sovereignty, we fill the dire need for emotional development tools in the hands of our most vulnerable community members, enfranchising them as activists armed with self-resilience tools .

SoulFree Journey Wellness Retreat

Personal Souljourn Retreats: Anchor your wellness livity whether it be your calling to the drum, nutritional wellness guidance, farm-to-table gardening, permaculture, island-wide cultural tours, joining our solidarity movement, woofing, or whatever your heart is pulling you towards. Dive deep into liberation practices that cultivate resiliency while nurturing radical self-care.  LET US HEAL TOGETHER! WE REMEMBER! INITIATION RITES! 

Workshops and Lectures

Release, grieve, find your voice, and ignite your power with a activations and workshops lead by Afia Walking Tree and Spirit Drumz. Infuse your convergence, social justice action, march,  ceremony,  and more with these powerful offerings.

About Spirit Drumz

Spirit Drumz envisions a violence-free world through social justice and leadership initiatives. Our practice is to significantly increase the expression and exposure of the drumming arts and eath-based spiritual practices as tools for self empowerment, community mobilization and collective healing; prioritizing womyn, girls, and transgender African diasporic, Indigenous folx, and white accomplices.


Eve Ensler, 

Founder and Artistic Director of V-Day and One Billion Rising

“I am so moved, uplifted, and totally excited by the extraordinary work you are doing in Jamaica, I know I speak for all of us when I say how proud we are to be in sisterhood and solidarity with you and the women of Jamaica. You are doing it my sister! So much love and admiration.”

Rachelle Galloway-Popotas
Haas Institute for
Fair and Inclusive Society

"Thanks for your wonderful and very powerful contribution to our Othering & Belonging Conference. It was instrumental to the outcome and built so much connective tissue among what could have felt like disparate pieces. The vibrancy an positivity - just incredible talent - you brought to the conference was essential" 

Kimberle Crenshaw
Executive Director 
African American Policy Forum

"From the very beginning we wanted  the drum apart of camp.

Afia Walking Tree has made this a reality, and I can't imagine camp without her."