Raise Yuh Voice

In solidarity for a violence free Jamaica!

We are amplifying the voices of survivors in Jamaica!

Raise Yuh Voice elevates our SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT towards radical transformation and empowerment.

Raise Yuh Voice Jamaica!

Help us BUILD our

Healing Center & Drum HUB 

  • Some of the programs integral to reshaping our way forward includes: 

  • The Drumming Arts (song, dance, culture, spirituality)

  • Life Skill Training in self-reflection, empathic listening, solution driven collaborative problem solving, and leadership development

  • Consent Practices for A New Way Forward

  • Indigenous Taino and Maroon History & Wisdom Practices 

  • Yoga, Hiking, Mind/Body Strengthening, Thai Chi, Qigong, Meditation

  • Community Outreach and Advocacy pilots/partnerships

  • Holistic Nutrition Education and Demonstration

  • Earth-Based Spiritual Practices

  • Gardening and Permaculture

  • Massage and Somatic Healing Practices


Raise Yuh Voice: In Solidarity for a Violence Free World is a project of Spirit Drumz, founded and directed by Afia Walking Tree, since 1990. Raise Yuh Voice bridges the gap from silence to empowerment for the outrageous number of women and girls whose voices are silenced. With violence against women/girls/trans figures in the Caribbean surging, and little attention on our emotional sovereignty, we fill the dire need for emotional development tools in the hands of our most vulnerable community members, enfranchising them as activists armed with self-resilience tools.

Since 2016, we have been immersed in extensive research and assessment, through hands-on retreats, workshops, and community visitations, on the status of women and girls in Jamaica. We took a deeper examination of violence in all its forms. Along with sexual and physical violence, we also look at systemic violence in economic, political, socio-cultural, environmental and ideological spheres.We are committed to grow and strengthen our country’s coalition amongst already existing survivor organizations such as: WeChange Jamaica, Tambourine Army, OBR Jamaica, UN Women Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica, Women Inc., Jamaica Pride, Maroon Women’s Indigenous Circle, and the University of the West Indies. We look forward to widening our circle of collaborators to reach even more organizations as we grow. Here is a view of the powerful work we are doing in the community.

On February 18, 2017, Raise Yuh Voice was birthed out of a kinship with OneBillion Rising called Bay Area Rising that began 2014 in Oakland, California. The goal of the rising was to bring voice through the power of the healing arts and the drum has been a central tool of radical empowerment which began with drumming in the streets, always opening the Risings with powerful spirit of drumming by women and girls. Today, we are moving forward with Raise Yuh Voice Jamaica (#RaiseYuhVoiceJamaica) as an integral project of Spirit Drumz, an arts empowerment organization founded and directed by Afia Walking Tree, since 1990.

Get Involved!

 In order to change this dynamic, we are BUILDING a sacred sanctuary that will allow us to open brave and safe spaces to conduct educational programs, workshops, trainings, demonstrations, ceremonies, community events, spirit activations and accommodations.

Your contributions enable us to:

  • Build the Raise Yuh Voice HUB Sanctuary

    • Housing with full amenities for on-site staff and guest facilitators

    • Office space, 2 workshop studios, and storage for drums

    • Fully stocked community kitchen with appliances

    • Greenhouse for sustainable farming

    • Ten bed dormitory facility

  • Support Current Programs

    • Free 12-week support group and training in collaboration with WeChange for survivors to hone self empowerment skills and return as ambassadors to their communities. Group participants come together to find empathy and learn tools that empower, activate and heal. Our next training in November 2019 will train XXX# survivors.

    • After-school immersion for girls centered around sharing stories of trauma and violence, while using the drum as a vehicle to transform self-expression, collective healing and community building at Holy Childhood High School. The 2019/2020 program supports 20 girls.

    • Partnership with Maroon Indigenous Women's Circle, the only Maroon circle in Jamaica that uplifts and asserts the power of Maroon women, girls and youth that have been under siege. We are currently supporting their installation of a covered arbor at the historical sacred Peace Tree. Safe and brave spaces such as these allow for confidentiality, and an increases the welcome for more women and girls and maintain bold empowerment training programs.