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& SPIRIT DRUMZ - Activating Human Potential through the Drumming Arts 


& SPIRIT DRUMZ - Activating Human Potential through the Drumming Arts & Permaculture 

Spirit Drumz envisions a violence-free world through social justice and leadership initiatives. Our practice is to significantly increase the expression and exposure of the drumming arts and permaculture as tools for self empowerment, community mobilization and collective healing; prioritizing womyn, girls, and transgender African diasporic, Indigenous folx, and white accomplices.

Raise Yuh Voice Jamaica bridges the gap from silence to empowerment for the outrageous number of women and girls whose voices are silenced. With violence against women/girls/trans figures in the Caribbean surging, and little attention on emotional sovereignty or solidarity, our advocacy offers key emotional development tools and strategies to re-cultivate within us ancient indigenous practices that have been repackaged by recent "nu-age" movements.  We utilize these indigenous practices within vulnerable LGBTQIX women's communities, where we share self-resilience tools to liberate individuals and communities emotionally, economically, environmentally, and spiritually.

Raise Yuh Voice Jamaica

Women In Solidarity & Sovereignty

in collaboration with One Billion Rising/VDAY



We've secured our 12.5 acres

forest sanctuary for our Solidarity Movement Jamaica!

Adopt-an-Acre & Grow With Us

Thank you to all of our donors and community for helping us raise over $90,000 USD since November 2019 towards acquiring and repatriate indigenous land as part of our climate resilience vison.

Join us in the building of our sanctuary and farm!

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Taitu Heron & Afia priestessing at Jamaica Women's Survivor March 11, 2017

6 sessions: May 8, 22, June 5, 19, July 3, 17

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Sunday May 2, 2021 11 am - 12 pm (GMT)

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About Us

About Afia Walking Tree, M.Ed.

Educator, Ritualist, Cultural Drummer, Ambassador, Spiritual Earth Activist Steward, Community Advocate-Trainer, Founder of Spirit Drumz (1994), Raise Yuh Voice Jamaica (2016)

Pronouns: She/We/They/Nana/Afia

LGBTQIX transgender non conforming non-binary gender free bushNana Avatar


Born and raised Camille Marie Thomas, in Kingston Jamaica, we migrated to the US at 18 years and lived stateside for 34 years before returning home.  As a survivor of gender-based violence, rape, patriarchy, racism, recovering from multi-dimensional systemic intersectional oppressions and PTSD, we engage our beloveds in modalities self-practiced with incredible mentors and within healing communities for over 30 years.


The emotional and somatic healing arts modalities we utilize is a result of life journeys, international adventures, and changes that allows for deep embodiment and full engagement with all parts of oneself. African Diasporic Drumming, Vocalization, Somatic Movement Practices, Permaculture, Holistic Nutrition, and Environmental Justice are a few we utilize to activate collective responsibility and transform injustices facing our peoples.  Read more

Spirit Drumz Family & Collaborators

One Billion Rising/VDAY


We Change Jamaica

Women Drummers International 

African American Policy Forum

EarthLodge Center for Transformation

Meadows Livingstone School

Echo Valley Farm

Tides Foundation

Trinity Watkins

Laurie Lynn Hogan

Tons of allies and accomplices!

Eve Ensler

Executive Director 

VDAY: 1 Billion Rising

Rachelle Galloway-Popotas

Haas Institute for

Fair and Inclusive Society 

Kimberle Crenshaw

Executive Director 

African American Policy Forum 

"From the very beginning we wanted  the drum apart of camp.

Afia Walking Tree has made this a reality, and I can't imagine camp without her."



Disrupt and eliminate oppressive programming and trauma that keep us stuck in patterns of scarcity, inadequacy, depression, desperation, over-work, overwhelm, overcompensatory, violent  reactions.  Retrain your mind and body to actualize ways of being that send positive ripples in every area of your life, everyday. Platforms we use: WhatsApp, Zoom, Telegram, Signal, GoogleTalk, Skype, FaceTime.


Anchor your wellness livity whether it be your calling to the drum, nutritional wellness cleanses, permaculture, island-wide cultural tours, farming, sharing your gifts and energies to grow our solidarity movement, whatever your heart is calling to affirm your life force.  Check out all the Details and Register Here.

  • Drum Activations 


Infuse your convergence, social justice action, ceremony and conference with this powerful offering that allows participants to release, grieve, and empower their passions.

  • Drum-Talk-Story Performances


Afia Walking Tree inspires, educates and heals with her Drum-Talk-Story performances. Themes covered include African Diasporic Folklore, Collective Healing, Spirituality and Survivor Lead Sovereignty. 


  • University/Organizational Presentations


As a certified permaculturist and seasoned educator on African Diasporic Drumming and earth-based spirituality, Afia Walking Tree serves as a guest lecturer and adjunct professor with course offerings on ethnomusicology of drumming, permaculture design principles, and embodied healing.

Eco-Friendly Multi- Purpose Tiny House on Wheels 

The DrumMobile serves as a Tiny House equipped with a kitchen, sleeping area and solar panels to provide electricity. This space also serves as a space for hands-on workshops in permaculture, nutrition, and drumming.  It functions as our hauling rig for drums and equipment for tours and events.




Our DrumMobile has been retired since January 2020.

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